Matrugaya Puja Vidhi at Bindusarovar

Matrugaya Puja Vidhi at 

In the Earth First Kardam Rushi & Dehuti Got Married in this Place. Kardom Rushi is Brahmaji’s Manasa Putra (son) Bhagwan Manu’s Daughter is Dehuti. Dehutigot 9 Daughters in this 9 Daughter ansuya is one of them. Kardam Rushi & DehutiPair made tapesya for 10,000 years. After 10,000 year Bhagvan Vishnu Appeared & asked the Pair for Vardan. Dehuti asked a Boy child that is like bhagvan Vishnu.

Bhagvan Vishnu Agreed for the vardan & told I will come in as your son in KAPILA AVTAR DehutiBecame very happy Dehuti gave birth to Bhagvan kapil. At that time all the rushis & saints were present there. Son KAPILA Was Blessed At that time all the 9 Daughter of kardam rushi were got married with 9 Rushis. Who came for bless Kapila.

At the age of 16 year bhagvan kapil did sankya dwara stotra to his mother dehotis & than she become in form of water (jal swaroop) at that time sarover Become HOLY & the place become BINDU SAROVAR

Dehuti blessed & told that who will come here & do the karya (pinda pradhan) Matrushardha too mother will get Moksha The detail of this is on bhagvat (chatuskandha Kapil avtar) after that bhagvan kapil went to ganga sagar.

After passing on this knowledge to Devahuti and the other residents of the ashram, Kapila like his father left Bindu Sarovar. Wherever he went sages and learned men begged him for passing on his wisdom. Finally he settled on an island in the sea, now at the mouth of the river Ganga, and gave discourses to everyone. In fact it was Kapila who was indirectly responsible for bringing the Ganga to the earth. In the Hindu month of Magh thousands of devotees flock to that island to pay homage to the great sage Kapila. Devahuti began to follow the exact directions he had given and in due course she was able to remove all imperfections from her mind. Having realized the Supreme God within her, she shed her body, which became a holy river named Gyanavapi in which even the demi-Gods and sages bathed to purify themselves. The place became a major center of pilgrimage known as Sidhpur.

For the first time in this place at Bindu sarovar Bhagvan Parshuram has given PINDPRADAN to his mother & gave her mother moksha.